Full Figure Maternity Bras

Plus sized women face a challenging time when they are pregnant as they will be experiencing larger bust size. While regular bras are comfortable, they will not do when you grow out of them a few months into your pregnancy. Not only do you have to shop for new ones at that time but also during your third trimester for the last few weeks and after delivery.

large cup size.jpgYou will need all the support you can get, especially for your breasts because they will be heavier than usual. Full figure maternity bras cover your breasts completely and take the weight off your chest. You don’t want any back ache while feeding your precious little one, do you?

It is easy to buy full figure maternity bras. The best time to go shopping is in the first trimester and once again at 30 to 32 weeks. The bust size increases considerably during that period. Your bust size in the last trimester will be same as when you give birth. So at that time buy maternity bras for nursing and you will be ready when your baby arrives. Look for full figure maternity bras without underwire. Underwire might offer brilliant support but it is better to stay away from them.

When you are out shopping for maternity wear, make sure to get a bra fitting done. The band size, cup size and several other factors have to be observed carefully to ensure your fit. Band size is nothing but the measurement under the breasts along the rib cage and your back. The band should not be too tight or loose. It should snugly fit and not rise up your back or cut into the breast tissue. Your band size will be different in the first few weeks of pregnancy and in the last trimester. Your band size at 32 weeks of pregnancy will be the same even after delivery. So, two shopping trips are to be expected.

Like the band size, your cup size will also increase. Women have to be very careful with this. Many times women go for the next bra size if it does not fit them. A specialty maternity store which also offers full figure maternity bras will have a wide range of cup sizes. If a particular cup size does not fit you, try a bra with a larger cup size. Do not go for the next size as the band size will increase.

You also have to check for the shoulder straps. They should not slip off and neither should they leave any marks on the skin. They should lift your breasts and distribute the weight on to your shoulders. The cup should cover the breasts completely but should not press into the breast tissue under the arm. Most importantly, your breasts should neither bulge on the sides nor spill out in the front. Once you’ve bought full figure maternity Sleep bras for daily use, you can invest in one or two maternity lingerie just to pamper yourself.

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